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How to reset or change Amazon password?

With the wide range of services that Amazon has started to offer its users, more number of Amazon users are increasing on a daily basis. So, if you have been using Amazon for a long now and wish to get explore its other services as well apart from shopping, you need to have an Amazon account. The existing Amazon users can use their older accounts in order to access the Services such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, Amazon fire stick, Amazon echo.

Amazon password reset

But, what if you have forgotten the ID or password of your Amazon account? Well, you can always recover most of your online accounts if you have lost access to them and Amazon is no exception.

To reset your Amazon password

  1. Go to the ‘Sign In’ page of Amazon from your browser.
  2. Click on the ‘Need help?’ link given at the bottom.
  3. Then, select the ‘Forgot password’ link.
  4. This will open the ‘Password Assistance’ page on your screen.
  5. Else, directly navigate to
  6. On this page, enter your email or mobile phone number.
  7. After entering the request detail, hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  8. Complete the authentication by entering the OTP.
  9. Once you enter the OTP, hit the ‘Continue’ button.

When you are done with this process, you will be asked to set a new password for your account with which you can do future logins.

Some common Amazon password problems

  • Sometimes, Amazon reset doesn’t work

Even after resetting your Amazon password, if your password still did not work, then you should try to reset your password once again. Make sure you remember the new password once you have changed it.

  • At times, you will witness Amazon password incorrect after reset

If your Amazon password did not work after you have changed or reset your password, then this surely means that Amazon has suspended your account or it has been temporarily disabled. This is because Amazon might have recorded some kind of suspicious activity from your account.

Just in case, your Amazon account gets suspended and you want to use one of the services of Amazon, then you must create a new account using your phone number or email. Else, go to the ‘Help’ section at to recover your account.

Things you might want to know:

  1. How do I find my Amazon account password?

In case you do not know what your Amazon login password is, then you must reset it immediately in order to continue receiving Amazon services. To reset your password, either go to the ‘Sign In’ page of Amazon or go directly to the ‘password assistance’ page.

  1. Why is my Amazon password not working?

Your Amazon password might not be working because you are inputting a wrong password because you have probably forgotten it. Apart from this, you might be mistyping your password. Since passwords are case-sensitive therefore you must be a little careful while entering your password.

  1. How do I recover my Amazon account without email?

In case you have not entered your email address as the account recovery option, then you may use your registered phone number to recover your account. The user needs to enter his mobile phone number for authentication purposes and then he can reset his password after inputting the OTP.

  1. Does changing your Amazon password log everyone out?

In case you have recently changed your Amazon password and you’re wondering if everybody else that has logged in to your account will be logged out, then yes others will be logged out from your account. Everyone else including you needs to log in using the new password.

  1. How do I reset my Amazon tablet without the password?

If you wish to reset your Amazon tablet without the password, then you may do so by swiping on the right side of the edge of the screen on the lock screen. When the password page opens, you need to enter an incorrect password/PIN for five times repeatedly. After that, you will be prompted to reset your device by following some steps.

  1. How do I change my Amazon account password?

To change your Amazon, go to the log in page of Amazon. On that page, select the ‘Need help?’ option and tap ‘Forgot password’. After that, you need to complete the account verification process followed by which you will be prompted to reset your password.

  1. What happens if I change my Amazon password?

If you change your password, then you will be logged out of all the devices from which you have logged in to your Amazon account. After you have been logged out of your Amazon account, you will need to use your newly created password.

  1. What are Amazon password requirements?

If you want to create a new password for your Amazon account, then you must ensure that it meets the basic password requirements. Your Amazon passwords should be 6 to 16 characters. Also, it must contain an UPPER CASE, lower case, numeric, and/or special characters without including which you will not be able to create a new password.

  1. Why do I keep getting Amazon password assistance emails?

If you are getting any email from Amazon password assistance, then the probability is that somebody might be trying to hack into your account. You must remember that Amazon never asks for your personal information including your credit/debit card details.

  1. What is the Amazon loop?

The Amazon echo loop is one of its kind and the first to be launched ring with Amazon Alexa enabled on it. There is one action button on the loop with which you wake or sleep the device. Along with this, there are two microphones and one speaker to listen and speak. And, the vibration feature in it allows you to receive notifications.

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