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How to Factory Reset an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot?

Amazon Alexa is a popular device that works as per our voice and preferences. But sometimes you may experience issues while using it. There are several workarounds that you can try to fix such problems. Resetting Amazon Echo Dot is also important as it also fixes many issues with your device. Whether you want to sell the old device or have upgrade the device, you should reset your Echo Dot before that. Here, in this article, we have mentioned the detailed process to reset Amazon Echo to factory settings without any hassle.

Reset Amazon Echo

Why Reset Amazon Alexa Echo Dot?

If you want to sell away your Echo Dot or want to change your account details, you have to reset your echo dot.  Resetting it will prevent all your account information from unauthorized access. Or if for some reason, you are frustrated with your echo dot, you should factory reset the device to get out of all such issues.

Quick Steps for Factory Resetting of Amazon Echo

In order to reset the Echo Dot device, firstly you have to deregister the Echo Dot from your Amazon Account. For this, sign in to your account using your user id/email address or password. If you don’t know your account password or if you have forgotten it, you have to change amazon password. After successful login, follow the below-given steps:

  • Open your Alexa app and go to Settings.
  • After that, select the Device Settings option and click on the Echo Dot device that you want to deregister.
  • At last, click on the ‘Deregister’ button.

How do I Reset Amazon Echo Dot Device?

Given below is the detailed information for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation Echo Dot. If you are using any of these devices, follow the respective steps to reset Echo Dot:

For First-Generation Echo Dot:

  • You can use a paper clip or a pin to press the ‘Reset’ button on your Amazon Echo Dot device. Just keep pressing the button until the device turns off and on again.
  • Check if the orange light of your Echo Dot device stops blinking, if yes, then your device is now in setup mode. Once you are done with these steps, your device will reset completely.

Also check, the detailed procedure for Amazon pin reset if you don’t know or have forgotten your unique PIN.

For Second Generation Echo Dot:

If you are using a second-generation Echo Dot device, you can reset it by pressing the ‘Microphone Off and Volume Down button simultaneously. Just keep pressing both the buttons at the same time for about 20 seconds. If your Echo Dot light ring turns orange, then it means that your device has entered the setup mode.

For third-generation Echo Dot:

  • Firstly, keep pressing the Action button for about 30 seconds.
  • Then, you will hear a sound message “Your Alexa Device is Ready for setup.”
  • When the light ring on your Echo Dot device turns orange, it means your device has been entered into the setup mode.

Once you are done with the above steps and your Echo Dot device is successfully reset, it will start blinking the blue light ring. Usually, the whole process takes about 60 seconds to set up your Echo Dot. If you are still facing any issues while resetting Echo Dot, you should contact the Alexa experts. The professional experts will help you to get the task done easily. The experts will help you with all the reset and setup processes. Alexa experts are available 24/7 to fix all your issues.

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