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How to reset Netgear router or recover its password?

This article clearly explains how to reset a Netgear router to its factory defaults if it is not giving you the much-expected performance. Resetting a router helps in many ways and may help you bring back the efficiency that your router is supposed to give you. But, before you reset Netgear router, you should try rebooting it and see if that helps.

reset Netgear router

If that doesn’t seem to do what you wanted, you can always go for a reset. Listed here are some situations when you can definitely opt to reset Netgear router.

When should you reset your router?

If you have a Netgear n600 or Netgear nighthawk router and shows the following symptoms, then you can think of resetting your router to factory defaults:

  • Your router is receiving a weak signal
  • The router is turning off again and again
  • It might block access to some of the pages you want to visit
  • If you do not insert the Wi-Fi card properly, you will face problems
  • Your router is not turning on even after the proper power supply

Steps to factory reset a router

The easiest way to factory reset a router is listed right below:

  1. Turn on your Netgear n300 router and face it from the back
  2. Search the reset button at its backside
  3. Take a paper clip and press the “Reset” button
  4. Keep holding it for like 7 seconds
  5. After you release this button, the power light will start blinking on it
  6. When the router is reset, the LED will stop flickering
  7. At last, your router will reset to its default settings

You can use the same process on Netgear router model number Netgear r7000, Netgear router WNR614, etc.

Reset NETGEAR router password without security questions

Even after trying hard, if you could not recall your Netgear router password, then you should either reset Netgear router or go through the following process:

Important: You cannot bypass the security question if you wish to reset the password of your router. To reset the password, you can follow these steps or perform a factory reset on it:

  1. From your browser, go to
  2. Click “CANCEL” to get to the password recovery window
  3. Enter the serial number of your router in the empty field and click “CONTINUE”
  4. Feed the answer to the security question
  5. You can try different answers (if forgotten)
  6. Or, go for a factory reset to remove the password and other settings
  7. If you answer the security question correctly, the screen will display your password


To reset Netgear router, performing a factory reset or rebooting it is the best thing you can do. This will restore all the default settings that were there on it. Performing a factory reset would also help you in getting away from different problems on your router or help in case you ever forget its password.


How do I reboot my Netgear router?

To reboot your router and fix issues with it, you can go to and log in to access your router’s settings. After logging in, go to the “Advanced” tab and click the “Reboot” option which is present under the router information.

What do I do after I factory reset my Netgear router?

Factory resetting the Netgear router will erase all the settings that you have stored on it. thus, it is recommended that you change the Netgear router password first and then change all the settings that you wish to.

How do i perform factory reset on my NETGEAR WiFi extender?

You have to first power on your router and then locate the extender reset button present at its rear or side. Now, using a paper clip or a similar thing, you need to press this button and release it after 10 seconds or more until you see that the router’s LED has stopped flickering.

Where is Reset button on Netgear router?

On most of the Netgear router models and extenders, the reset button is present at its read/backside. Sometimes, it is also present behind a small hole in the back panel or you may also find it at the side of the router.

What to do when Netgear WiFi stops working?

If the Netgear router stops working or you see a similar situation, then you should first reboot it and see if that helps. If rebooting and waiting do not help, you can reset Netgear router to its factory setting. But, doing so will erase all the personalized settings you made on it.

Why is my Netgear router not connecting to Internet?

If you have not plugged in your router properly or any of its cables are loosely connected, then you should verify and fix it. You may also check it with your internet service provider and try to figure out if internet servers are down in your area.

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