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How to reset outlook password?

With your Microsoft Outlook account, you can connect to an external email client and start sending and receiving emails. However, once you connect it and change the source password, then it is important that you go through the outlook password reset process. In case you use an old password for logging in, then you won’t be able to access your account under any circumstances. Besides this, the need reset outlook password arises in case you have forgotten it. Moreover, you should change the password of your outlook account frequently for security purposes.


In view of that, I have listed down the method to reset as well as change the Outlook password. Use the information given in the sections below and find out how you can achieve your goal.

Method to change outlook password

  1. Go to the official website of Outlook and go to the top-right of the screen.
  2. Click on your profile icon or the initials available there.
  3. Select the ‘My Account’ option available on the resulting page.
  4. You will be redirected to the main Microsoft account settings menu.
  5. From the ‘Options’ grid, select ‘Security’.
  6. Choose the ‘Password Security’ option from the list.
  7. Complete the mobile verification process.
  8. For this, enter the last digits of your contact number.
  9. Click on the ‘Send Code’ option.
  10. The same code needs to be entered in the given blank.
  11. Enter your current password twice when prompted.
  12. Hit the ‘Save’ button to wrap up the process.

Outlook password reset process explained

  1. Go to the log-in screen of Microsoft Outlook.
  2. On the login portal, select ‘Forgotten your password?’
  3. Complete the account verification through your phone number.
  4. After verifying your account, you have to create a new password.
  5. Once you reset the password successfully, you need to remember it.
  6. This shall come in handy for future logins at

 reset Outlook password

This password shall also be needed if you want to reset to factory settings in outlook. Also note that you can apply these steps on different versions of outlook including outlook 2010, outlook 2013, outlook 2016, outlook 2019, and outlook 365.

Recurring Questions/Answers

  1. How do I find my password for my Outlook email account?

If you have forgotten your Outlook email account password and wish to reset it at, then you can do so by navigating to the login portal. Here, click on the ‘I forgot my password’ option and go to the Security section to finally change your password.

  1. What happens if I forgot my Outlook password?

If you forget the password of one of the email clients, then you can go to its password reset page. Here, you will be asked to provide some details to verify your identity so that outlook can allow you to set a new password for your account.

  1. How do I retrieve my Microsoft account password?

To retrieve your Microsoft account password, you have to go to the password reset page of Microsoft. Further, you will be asked to select the reason why you want to reset your password. Then, provide the request information and follow some easy prompts.

  1. Why does Outlook not recognize my password?

In addition to several other reasons, the main reason why the outlook is not recognizing your password is because it’s server might be down. Besides this, you might be entering the password incorrectly or the CAPS lock is on.

  1. How do I reset Outlook to default settings?

To reset Outlook to default settings, you need to open the Control Panel of your device and find the ‘Mail’ icon. Click on it to view profiles and then delete the current profile. After that, add your profile again and your account settings will be reset to default.

  1. How do you reset outlook on Android?

First, you need to open the ‘Settings’ menu on your Android and then open the ‘Storage’ tab. Here, tap on the ‘Other apps’ option and select ‘Outlook’. Finally, click on the ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ option for the respective app.

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