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How to Reset Insignia TV Without Remote?

Insignia TVs are one among the electronics and appliances and are a more affordable option in comparison to other smart TVs. But sometimes, you may face problems while using your Insignia television. There are several methods that you can try to fix such issues. Resetting is one among them. You can reset your Insignia TV to fix some minor issues with it. Resetting an Insignia TV might sound complicated as the TV does not provide any built-in reset button. However, in this article, we have mentioned proper steps to guide you on how to reset Insignia TV. 

Why You Should Reset Insignia TV?

Before you know the methods to reset the Insignia remote, it is important to learn under which conditions you can perform the resetting process. Given below are some conditions under which you can reset your Insignia TV:

  • When you have to revert any setting on your TV.
  • When your TV freezes.
  • When your TV is not performing as it is supposed.

Can I Perform Insignia Hard Reset Using the Reset Button?

Unlike some popular TV brands, Insignia TVs don’t have any reset button. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible to reset it. 

If you want to perform an Insignia TV remote reset, you’ll only have to access the Service Mode option using your remote.

How do I Hard Reset an Insignia TV?

The steps to Insignia TV hard reset are quite easy and simple to implement. But before you perform this action, it is important to note that the action will revert most of your personalized settings. It may even delete your data and installed apps. You can follow the below-given steps to hard reset your Insignia TV:

  • First of all, disconnect all the cables attached to the TV from the wall socket.
  • Now, wait for at least half an hour before you re-establish the connection.
  • Re-connect your TV and it will prompt you to start keying in system data.

It would be better if you would leave the TV unplugged overnight and start the hard resetting process the next morning.

Steps to Reset Insignia TV To Factory Settings

Instances like Insignia TV won’t turn ON is somehow quite common these days, but you can fix it by resetting your TV. Every time when you perform a factory reset on your Insignia TV, it will return to its original factory settings. You can also reset your TV if you want to clear out previously saved preferences or if you are facing a problem while undoing your own saved settings. 

Go through the following steps to know how to reset a TV to factory settings: 

  • Step 1: First of all, disconnect the TV from its power source.
  • Step 2: Now, press and hold the Power button located on your TV.
  • Step 3: Keep pressing the Power button and simultaneously plug the TV back into the outlet.
  • Step 4: By default, the TV will automatically open from the reboot window. Go to the ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option using the power button.
  • Step 5: Keep pressing the power button until the highlighted bar appearing on the screen turns green.
  • Step 6: Click the ‘Yes’ button to confirm that you want to initial the factory reset process. If not, select the Back or No option.
  • Step 7: Once again, press the power button and keep pressing it until the highlighted bar changes to green colour.
  • Step 8: Once the Insignia TV reset process is completed, scroll down till you get the ‘Reboot System’ option.
  • Step 9: Press and hold the power button till the highlighted bar changes to green colour.
  • Step 10: After completing the above steps, your TV will start rebooting itself. Just go through the on-screen instructions to personalize your TV settings.

Quick Steps To Reset Insignia TV Without Remote

Though remote controls make your TV viewing more enjoyable. You can even easily adjust settings on your TV using these remotes. But if your Insignia does not have a remote, then can you wonder whether the resetting process is possible or not? Performing an Insignia TV reset without a remote is very simple.

Let us help you to answer- How to reset Insignia TV without a remote? You can reset your Insignia TV without a remote by accessing the reset button located on the back of the TV. Just press that button using a paperclip, toothpick, or another thin object. 

Press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds. The TV will then turn off and on. When the setup menu appears, go through the onscreen instructions to reset your TV. In case, if you have forgotten your PIN, you can use the default Insignia code, i.e., 4 zeros (0000).

If you change the default PIN and cannot remember it, you can perform a factory reset on the TV to clear its memory. To reset your TV, just follow the steps that are mentioned earlier in this article. 


Hope, the above steps help you to answer- how to reset Insignia TV. In this article, we have mentioned all the possible methods that you need for resetting your TV. If you anyhow experience any issue with the above steps, feel free to contact their technical support team.

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