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Kwikset Smart Lock Reset: How to Reset Your Locks?

The Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt is a modern and quite popular electronic lock and is perfect for commercial and residential use. These amazing locks are designed to fit in almost all existing decor. Several amazing features, like a high-quality construction, multiple user code settings, built-in alarm, etc, make the lock more unique from others. However, instances may arise when you forgot the code to your Kwikset Smart Lock. In such cases, you need to reset your lock to change your code. Here, in this article, we have mentioned when and how you can perform Kwikset smart lock reset process. 

Different Types For Kwikset Smart Lock Reset

The whole Kwikset Smart lock reset process is categorised into three types. These includes:

  • Network Reset: A network reset deletes all WiFi settings, Bluetooth pairings, and user associations. It also removes the lock from the account.
  • System Reset: This mode of resetting deletes all access codes and lock settings, including lock handling. The lock will run the handling process after completing the System Reset.
  • Factory Reset: The Factory Reset allows you to bring your lock back to the factory default settings. After performing the factory reset, all your access code handling processes will be removed. Your lock will be then disconnected from your device and/or your smart home security system.

When You Should Reset Your Kwikset SmartCode Lock

Before you know how to reset Kwikset smart lock, you need to identify the situations when you have to execute the resetting process. Given below are some of the situations when you have to do a Kwikset SmartCode reset:

  • When you don’t have access to your phone that is connected to your lock. Anyone can access your codes and doors if they are full access to your phone.
  • When you change your home with an existing Kwikset Smartcode, you have to reset your smart lock to delete all existing user codes. After that, you can create your unique codes.
  • When the user codes of your lock have been changed. For example, an unauthorized person may be able to access your master code or user codes.
  • When you’re changing your house and want to take your lock to a new one.
  • When your lock stops functioning all of sudden (resetting it may help you to resolve the issue).
  • When you notice any sort of unauthorized access and want to allow new users to access your user codes.

Whatever the reason for Kwikset smart lock reset code, you need to perform a factory reset to regain its complete control. Resetting the lock allows you to access and manage the lock again. Similarly, you can set up different codes for your house guests, family members, and even close friends. It is also advised to change the security codes on regular basis to improve security.

How Do I Reset Kwikset SmartCode Locks?

There are certain Kwikset smart lock reset instructions that you need to keep in mind to reset the smart locks. You must note that you can reset the Kwikset SmartCode only when your primary controller is missing or inoperable. Follow the below-given simple steps for resetting Kwikset SmartCode Locks:

  • Firstly, make sure the door with the Kwikset smart lock reset code 913 or any other code is open and unlocked.
  • Then, remove the battery pack.
  • Press and hold the program button (located on the interior back panel of the lock) while you re-insert the battery pack. Keep pressing the button for about 30 seconds until you hear the beep sound and the Status LED starts flashing a ‘red’ light.
  • Tap the program button once again until the status LED starts flashing green colour and you will hear two beeping sounds.
  • The Kwikset Smart lock is now reset successfully and ready to be used again.
  • To ensure that the process is completed, test the lock using your previous user code – the lock will not work.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, you have to perform the door handling process again to lock the correct orientation of the door. You have to set up a Master Lock code and other user codes to access and manage the codes on your smartphone.


Apply these simple steps to perform Kwikset smart lock reset process. In this blog, we have also mentioned when you need to perform the resetting of the Kwikset smart lock. There are several Kwikset smart lock reset tools available in the market that you can use for this purpose. If you are still unable to reset your lock, refer to its user manual or contact its professional support team.

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