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Will a hard reset delete everything on my iPhone?

Do you have a confusion between hard reset or soft reset? Or, you are unsure about what will get deleted if you perform a hard reset on iPhone? Most of the individuals do not have a clear understanding of hard resetting an iPhone. Don’t worry! This post has got you covered and will give you deep insights on what will get deleted if you hard reset your iPhone.

hard reset delete everything on my iPhone

What is a soft reset?

In simpler terms, we can say that soft reset is simply restarting your device if it has started to work inappropriately. When you perform a soft reset on any device including any version of iPhone, you don’t lose any data.

What is a hard reset?

A hard reset is done if the soft reset fails to solve the problem that your device is undergoing. Hard reset is done when the issues with your device are unresolvable by following any method.

Thus, performing a hard will erase everything on your iPhone and bring back its settings to default. This answers your question if performing a hard reset erases everything on iPhone.

Does a hard reset erase everything on the iPhone?

When you hard reset your iPhone, all the external data stored on it will get removed. A hard reset will delete all the third-party applications, settings made by the user, images, videos, and music.

Checklist before performing a hard reset

Before you perform a hard reset, do some basic checks. First of all, you check for the hardware failure. This includes checking the components of your iPhone, its battery, memory card, or the SIM. Now, that we know that doing a hard reset will erase everything, it is essential to follow this checklist so that you can get hold of your data later.

  1. Create a backup of essential files

Most of you might be aware of this remedy but for the purpose of reminding you, I have listed down this point. The backup must include your contacts, videos, images, settings, documents, and so on.

  1. Compile a list of applications you use

In the off chance, if you forget to download some important apps after performing a hard reset, you might not have the same experience with your device as earlier. By doing so, you can log back into your App Store and download all those apps again.

  1. Note down important details

Make sure you note down the serial number or passwords of essential services available in your iPhone. Doing so will allow you to avoid paying again for the same service or app.

  1. Delete the authorization of iTunes

Doing so lets you do a fresh authorization once again without facing any error. All you need is your Apple ID to do so.

  1. Backup the plugins and add-ons

Creating a backup of the plugins, snippets, as well as widgets is also quite important if you are thinking of hard reset your iPhone.

The checklist given above is applicable to all the versions of the iPhone including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone SE, and the earlier versions.

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