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How to Reset Homepod or HomePod Mini?

If you are looking to sell your HomePod or give it to anyone, you should reset it to factory settings first. Resetting your homepod will delete all your personal information and data stored in it. You can reset your HomePod to fix several issues that occur with your device, such as WiFi connectivity issues. Here, in this article, we have mentioned how to reset HomePod or HomePod Mini with or without an iPhone or a Mac computer.

Why Should I Reset a HomePod or HomePod Mini?

There are several situations under which you have to reset a HomePod or HomePod mini. Basically, it is the best method to troubleshoot issues with these devices. When your speaker is not working right, you can reset it. Given below are some situations under which you should reset your HomePod or HomePod Mini:

  • There may be some problems with Siri voice commands.
  • Problems while setting alarms or timers, either using the Home app or by voice control.
  • Repeated issues while connecting to Apple Music.
  • HomePod may not respond even after restarting the device.

Reset a HomePod to Factory Settings Using Your iPhone

It is very simple to restart or reset the homepod using the Home app on your iPhone. All you have to do is: 

  • From your iPhone or iPad, open the Home app.
  • Click Rooms and find the room with your HomePod or HomePod mini.
  • Tap and keep pressing the device’s icon until the controls appear on the screen.
  • If the HomePod is part of a stereo pair, you have to disconnect it first.
  • Scroll down until you find Reset HomePod. Once you locate it, click on it. 
  • Click Restart HomePod if you have to reboot the device.
  • If you have to reset your Homepod, instead click Remove Accessory.

It must be noted that if you reset the HomePod, this will erase all its content and settings. After successfully factory resetting your homepod, it will come up as a new device. You have to follow the on-screen instructions to connect your iPhone with the HomePod.

Factory Reset Homepod or Homepod Mini Using the HomePod Controls

If the above steps won’t work to reset your Homepod, then the HomePod may not appear in the Home app. If this happens for you, reset the HomePod directly using the speaker’s touch screen. For this:

  • First, disconnect your HomePod and wait for 10-15 seconds.
  • Again connect the HomePod and then wait 10 seconds.
  • Place your finger on the top panel of the HomePod and press the button between the volume control icons.
  • Keep pressing the panel till the spinning Siri light changes from white to red.
  • After that, Siri will announce that your HomePod is about to reset. Once you’ve heard all three beeps, remove your finger from the touchpad.
  • The above steps will reset all of your HomePod’s settings. Once the resetting process is finished, you’ll hear a chime. 

Reset Your HomePod Mini Using Mac

If you don’t have the phone and want to know how to reset Homepod Mini without phone, restore it to its factory settings using your Mac. Follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your HomePod using Mac:

  • Use the USB-C cable on the speaker to connect your HomePod mini to your Mac.
  • Launch Finder on your Mac and expand Locations appearing in the sidebar.
  • Choose your HomePod mini from the menu appearing in the sidebar and click Restore HomePod appearing on the right.
  • Click the Restore button to confirm. After that, you will see the progress of the resetting process at the bottom of the Finder window.
  • When you see that your HomePod is completely restored to its factory settings, click OK.
  • At last, click the eject button adjacent to the HomePod mini in the sidebar and remove the cable.

Wrapping Up

The above information is sufficient to reset your Apple smart speaker. This will reset all settings and help you to reconfigure your HomePod using your iPhone or iPad. If you face any problem while applying these steps or still facing homepod not responding issue, feel free to contact the professional support team. 

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