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How to Reset Mac Password? [Quick Guide]

It is very important to learn hundreds of passwords to log in to your various accounts. Just like credit card passwords, it is important for Mac users to remember their Mac password. As a Mac user, if anyhow you forget it, you need to change or reset MacBook pro to its default factory settings.

Reset Mac Password

Mainly, there are two reasons why you should factory reset a Mac. First, if you are experiencing problems with your Mac, a reset can help you to fix it. It’s drastic, but it definitely helps you to fix your problems. And secondly, if you have to sell your Mac or have to give it to anyone, you should reset it to secure your data and to give the new owner the ability to make the computer their own. Here, in this article, we have mentioned different ways by which you can reset your Mac password and make sure you don’t lose it ever again.

How do I Recover a Forgotten Mac Password?

Securing your Apple devices is one of the most crucial things that you should emphasize. You must keep your Mac safe and secure by. It is very easy for someone to physically steal your computer, but it is difficult for them when they try to mess with your data unless they know the password. So, in such a case you can apply any of the methods given below to know how to reset MacBook Air or recover your Mac password:

Method 1: Use Recovery Mode

If you have forgotten your Mac password and facing problems while accessing any of your accounts, then you can use Apple’s Recovery Mode to get your account back. You can follow the below-given steps to activate the Recovery Mode:

  • First of all, turn off your device and press the power button + Command R key simultaneously. Wait till the loading bar successfully appeared on the screen while your Mac boots to Recovery.
  • Now, choose Disk Utility > Continue > Utilities Terminal.
  • Type “resetpassword” (without any space) and click Return.
  • Go to the main hard drive and click on your user account.
  • At last, change the Mac password and don’t forget to create a hint that you can easily recollect in the future, and click on Save button. Then, use the new password after restarting your Mac device.

Method 2: Change Password Using Another Account

You are lucky if you have more than one user account on your Mac. Or, if anyone else has ever tried to log in to their personal accounts on your computer. In such a case, you can use their account to recover the Mac password, using another account you have a password to know how to reset MacBook pro without losing data. All you have to do is:

  • Firstly, log out of your admin user account.
  • Select another account that you want to use for recovery and enter the password.
  • Navigate to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Lock icon.
  • Now, use the password for the alternative account to unlock your account.
  • Reset the password for your admin account and also create a hint for future use.

Method 3: Reset Password with Apple ID

If you are using an Apple ID linked to your user account on Mac, it can help you to reset your mac login password from the login window. This option is available by default. You can even enable it through System Preferences > Users & Groups > Allows user to reset password using Apple ID.

For this, you have to click on the question mark adjacent to the password field appearing on the login screen. Select the option to reset with Apple ID and enter the wrong login credentials thrice to be able to create the new password for your account. Once the reset screen appears, type in a new password two times, create a hint, and save to complete the process.

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