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How to Change or Reset Spotify Password?

Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming services that allow users to access songs and playlists. It offers millions of songs as per their preferences. There are more than 345 million monthly active users across 173 countries that have active Spotify account. With the increase in a large number of Spotify users, hacking increases as well. As per the latest reports, around 300 thousand Spotify accounts were reportedly hacked in last year. As a result, every user wants to keep their account safe and secure in order to prevent their account from unauthorized access. Here, in this article, we have mentioned quick steps that you can follow to reset Spotify password.

spotify password reset

Quick Steps to Change Spotify Password

There are certain steps that you need to follow for Spotify account recovery. It is also advised to update your Spotify password on regular basis in order to prevent it from attacking and threats. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change your password within a minute:

  • Firstly, open any browser and go to the Change password page, i.e.,
  • Enter log in details like username and your current password in the relevant fields.
  • Enter and confirm a new Spotify password. Make sure your password met the Spotify password requirements.
  • Then, click the green-colored button indicating “Set New Password”.

Note: Once you are done with the above steps of resetting your Spotify password, you will be logged out on all other devices.

How to Reset Your Spotify Password With Email?

The above method will help you to reset Spotify password without email or verification. But in case, if you have access to your registered email account, follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your Spotify password:

  • Go to the Spotify Password Reset page –
  • Type in your email address or username in the required field and click Send button.
  • Check the inbox of your account for the recovery email and then click the link received in the email.
  • Set up and confirm your new Spotify password as per basic guidelines. At last, click Set Password to save the changes.

What if Your Spotify Account Has Been Hacked?

Instances may arise when you may experience issues like Spotify password reset not working properly or as expected. In such cases, you need to make sure whether your account has not been hacked.  To avoid such situation, you must change your password to a stronger and more complex one so any third party cannot access it easily.

Then, navigate to the Account page, i.e.,, and choose the Sign out Everywhere option to log out of your Spotify account from all devices. This will log out your account from all devices, including mobile and desktop apps, web browsers, etc. Only creating a strong password for your Spotify account can prevent it from hacking and fraud.

Tips For Creating Strong Passwords

As explained, there are certain Spotify password requirements that you must keep in mind before changing your password. Given below are such important points that you must keep in mind for setting a new password for your Spotify account.

  • Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Make sure your password has both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Try to insert digits and characters in your Spotify password.
  • Avoid using simple or dictionary words and also don’t use keyboard patterns.

It is really very important to keep passwords secure on all the devices and profiles you have logged in to. But whenever you are creating new password for any of your accounts, avoid using personal information like name, DOB, etc. in your password. You can also use a reliable password manager option to record all your passwords in one place. Many users also claim that reusing the same password across multiple platforms can put you in trouble.

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